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Latest Update From FIFA 2014, FIFA 14 Android APK With Screenshots

Who doesn't know that another popular game ball on this one and as you know that FIFA 14 is planned to launch this September for iOS. But if they were not known if will be available for Android as well so this time EA has said that FIFA 14 will also be available for Google Play!

Moreover interface FIFA 14 will also be made exactly like the console version, and we are also able to play in 34 different field with more than 600 teams and 30 leagues. There is no exact price but our instincts say that this game will be available for free with IAP. If this is the case then do not be weird because EA themselves have said that they will turn into a freemium game companies.

now time for you to love you mark on your calendar for launching this favorite ball game. below is the picture that was chosen to be present in fifa 2014. so try then scroll down and you see for yourself the beauty

if you've never played fifa 12, you will see how an increase in fifa 13 game pretty well. Besides the addition of new control that allows us to bring skill, FIFA 13 Ultimate Team mode also has where we can act as a manager of a team.

FIFA 14 is scheduled to be released this September also has a pretty big surprise. Now you are no longer going to use a virtual D-Pad to move the player but passing swipe and tap. I do not know if this is a bad dream or good news, because we must first give it a try.